September 15-16 2021. Online


Please pay attention that Moscow time is specified (UTC+3)

September 15, 2021. Day one

10:00-10:30 Opening ceremony
  • Andrey Vorobyev, Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ Presentation
  • Oleg Pekos , Ministry for the Development of Information Technologies and Communications of the Republic of Uzbekistan
  • Murad Ibragimov, UZINFOCOM

10:30-12:00 Section 1. Plenary meeting: Domain Industry News from the CIS, Eastern and Central Europe

Moderator: Andrey Vorobyev, Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ

  • Mikhail Anisimov, ICANN
  • Leonid Todorov, APTLD
  • Peter Van Roste, CENTR
  • Irina Danelia, ccNSO, ICANN Presentation
  • Yelena Voronina, MSK-IX Presentation
  • Alexey Rogdev, Technical Center of Internet Presentation
  • Ankhzaya Tseden, Datacom LLC (.MN, Mongolia)
  • Svetlana Tkachenko, Hostmaster UA (.UA, Ukraine) Presentation
  • Igor Feoktistov, REG.RU Presentation
  • Andrei Kuzmichev, RU-CENTER
  • Artur Suvanov, SUVAN NET (.UZ, Uzbekistan)

12:00-12:30 Break
12:30-14:00 Section 2. Marketing in the Domain Industry
Representatives of national registries and registrars will share initiatives aimed to promote internationalized domain names (IDN). They will discuss crisis marketing, demonstrate the benefits of using YouTube in marketing campaigns, and talk about the experience and discoveries of the industry’s second pandemic year.

Moderator: Leonid Todorov, APTLD

  • Maria Kolesnikova, Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ Presentation
  • Andrei Kuzmichev, RU-CENTER
  • Vadim Laptyonok, (.BY, Belarus) Presentation
  • Lianna Galstyan, ISOC .AM (.AM, Armenia) Presentation
  • Murad Ibragimov, UZINFOCOM

14:00-14:30 Break
14:30-16:00 Section 3. Secondary Domain Market
The speakers will give an in-depth review of the domain pricing mechanisms and analyze the statistics for the secondary market. They will also cover the market’s development trends and share methods of evaluating the worth of a domain name as an intangible asset.

Moderators: Andrei Savelyev, ДОМЕНЫ.РФ; Georgy Georgiyevsky, Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ


  • Pavel Gross-Dneprov, domain investor
  • Szilard Foldhazi,, | NameSilo LLC

September 16, 2021. Day two

10:00-11:30 Section 4. Trust on the Internet and DNS Abuse
This section on security in the domain space will cover new types of DNS threats and countermeasures being developed by the domain community. The speakers will evaluate how effective the existing tools are at preventing domain abuse and identify the main trends in this area. The panel will include representatives of law enforcement agencies, domain registrars and other industry organizations.

Moderator: Mikhail Anisimov, ICANN

11:30-12:00 Break
12:00-13:30 Section 5. International and National Trends in Internet Regulation
The pandemic has caused many governments and the international community in general to take a closer look at digital environment regulations, which is also true for the domain industry. Participants will discuss new cybersecurity measures, ICANN’s involvement in the discussions on the Directive on Security of Network and Information Systems (NIS2 Directive), the community’s contribution to developing legislation in several countries, Russia’s novel legislation concerning the domain industry and many other issues.

Moderator: Pavel Patrikeev, REG.RU

13:30-14:00 Break
14:00-15:30 Section 6. New Technologies for the Domain Industry
During this section focusing on technical issues, leading experts of the internet industry will speak about internet data and DOA, share the latest TLS statistics and show the connection between TLS certificates and DNS. ICANN representatives will offer recommendations, present the results of an RDAP study, and introduce the Hyperlocal project.

Moderators: Yelena Voronina, MSK-IX; Alexey Rogdev, Technical Center of Internet

  • Andrei Kolesnikov, Internet of Things Association Presentation
  • Alexander Venedyukhin, TCI Presentation
  • Carlos Ganan, ICANN OCTO
  • Roy Arends, ICANN OCTO
  • Pavel Khramtsov, MSK-IX Presentation

15:30-16:00 Wrap-up session

Moderator: Andrey Vorobyev, Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ